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Simplicity & power combined

The easy to use, yet powerful, free-form framework for RapidWeaver & Stacks. Build beautiful, robust sites with drag-and-drop ease.

Version 3.0 is here — learn more!

More Modular, More Powerful, Still Easy to Use

Foundry is built to allow everyone, from novice to professional, to create amazing sites from the ground up. Its easy-to-use, modular approach let's you mix and match different items to create the right layout and design for you. The combinations are endless.

Solid Steel Core

At Foundry’s core is Bootstrap 5, the web’s most popular responsive framework. This provides a proven foundation for all of your sites.

No Code Needed

Foundry helps you craft your pages without needing to know how to code. Just add our modular tools to your page and arrange them to create the look and feel you want. If you're worried about starting from a blank canvas you might also check out our Starter Kits to give you a place to begin.

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Easy to Use Tools, Quick Results

Building the website you've always wanted doesn't need to be hard. Foundry includes all of the tools you'll need to build robust, beautiful sites.

Whether you're brand new to web design or a long-time veteran, the modular, drag-and-drop tools make designing your site a breeze. The site you're viewing right now was built using just Foundry 3 tools.

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Make Modern, Responsive Sites

All of the Foundry tools are responsive, meaning that your page elements adjust based on your visitor's device of choice or browser window size. Foundry's six individual responsive breakpoints help you serve up the best experience for each visitor.


Everything you need to get started & more

Foundry includes over 70 different tools to help in building your site. Everything from the basics like Headers, Paragraphs, Columns, Buttons and Images to the more advanced tools like Lightboxes, Sliders, Accordions, Animations and more!

Silky Smooth Animations

Apply eye-catching animations to your page elements. Use a preset animations or craft your own.

Banners & Backgrounds

Create beautiful page Banners or break up big sections of content with a background. Solid colors, gradients, images or even looping video.

Eye Catching Dividers

Divide your page into uniquely shaped sections using Mask's prebuilt vector dividers. Use them right out of the box, or customize to your liking.

Modern Image Formats

Go simple with drag-and-drop images, or if you're a bit more advanced use Remote Images or WebP based image tools.

Embeds & Self-Hosted Video

Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos on your page using the Video tool or self-host your own video files.

Stylish Iconography

Use either Bootstrap or FontAwesome icon sets on buttons, and more. No need for icons? You choose when to load the icon library.


Navigation Bar offers a great many controls for customizing your site navigation. Foundry also offers a variety of other navigation tools, too.


Build robust, modular forms with a variety of field types. Gate content that the user is given access to after completeing a form.

Sizing & Spacing

Apply padding and margins precisely where you need them with the Spacing tool and restrain content width at each breakpoint using the Max-Width.

Edit Mode

In addition to the modular workflow, we've also included Toolbox to give quick access to the most often used tools. We've improved Edit Mode by adding detailed instructions for complex tools like Form and arranged the space better to make designing on smaller screens easier.

Starter Kits

Foundry helps you build the website you've always wanted, giving you an empty canvas to work upon. But sometimes a blank slate can be intimidating. We've got you covered with our Starter Kits. These pre-built pages and mix-and-match templates will help you get going even quicker!

Scratching the Surface

This list just barely touches on everything Foundry is capable of and what is included. The documentation section offers a look at each individual tool along with its settings, as well as live examples when possible.

We've also created tutorial videos for getting started with Foundry as well as videos that talk to what individual tools can do and how to use them, which are included in the individual documentation pages.

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POINT, CLICK, CREATE. Foundry's built-in Blacksmith tool allows you to craft your own custom styles using point-and-click stylesheets. Create CSS rules to tweak your site in ways like never before. Craft custom CSS styles without needing to write any code.

Beautiful Typography

Foundry's Typeface tool allows you to use not only standard web safe fonts, but also gives you access to the vast array of Google fonts. Have your own font? No problem. You can self-host your own fonts as well.

Connected Throughout

Many of Foundry's tools, like Paragraph, Header, Button, etc, allow you to select your fonts from Typeface so you have access to them throughout your page.

Style Choices

In addition to sharing Typeface fonts, Foundry's tools allow you control over font sizes, weights, letter and line spacing and more. Many of these typographic controls can also be adjusted on a per-breakpoint basis.

Always Color Coordinated

Use Foundry's color palettes tools to manage your site's branding and tie everything together. Fully customize the base color set, as well a refine the Extended color palette to supplement your style choices.

Haven't decided on a color palette yet? We've also built an online tool that will help you narrow in on your color choices. The Palette Laboratory interfaces directly with Edit Mode with drag-and-drop ease.

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Connect with Other Foundry Users

Get the help that you need. The Elixir Community forum is a great place to connect with other Foundry user. Share tips and tricks, look for help using Foundry's many tools, or seek the sage advice of other users when building your sites.

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