Built for Everyone

Foundry is built to allow both the novice and professional to create sites from the ground up with an easy-to-use, modular, mobile-first approach.


Foundry’s core is built around Bootstrap, the web’s most popular responsive framework, to provide a solid foundation for all of your sites.

No Code Needed

Whether you’re new to web design or an advanced RapidWeaver user, Foundry provides you the tools to craft great websites.

Infinite Possibilities

Foundry helps you build your pages from the ground up. Get the look and feel you want with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Foundry Addons

Take things to the next level

While the base Foundry pack provides you everything you need to develop beautiful, modular sites, we also provide several addons for Foundry to help you take your designs to the next level, once you're ready.



A flat-file blogging & content management system for Foundry that allows you to create easy-to-use blogs and embeded content. You'll be publishing like a pro!


Potion Pack

Take your site building up a notch. The Potion Pack is a next level set of addon stacks ranging from advanced navigation and forms to lightboxes, and so much more!


Thunder Pack

A collection of next level stacks for Foundry that include prominent and stylish display sections, video backgrounds, vertical tabs and so much more!

Templates - NEW!

Mason & Carpenter

The Mason & Carpenter template packs are pre-made sections for your Foundry based pages. These templates can be drag-and-dropped from your Stacks library and easily edited to include your content. This lets you quickly form complex page sections with just a little effort, as well as see how some more complex layouts work.

Choose a Project

Want to take a a quicker path? We offer some pre-made RapidWeaver project files that have beautiful site designs already laid out. Just jump in, edit the content, make a few tweaks and you’re off and running!


Works with your existing stacks addons

Its not just Foundry stacks or Foundry addons that can be used with your Foundry-based site. We've worked hard to make sure that most third-party stacks will work just as you'd expect within the Foundry framework. Give some of the stacks below a try, or visit the RapidWeaver Community site for more!



Connect with others using Foundry

With the introduction of Foundry we’ve added an Elixir Community Forum. Share tips and tricks, look for help using Foundry, or seek the sage advice of other RapidWeaver users.

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