Day Five

In our last post before Alloy v3's release let's take some time to look at upgrading from Alloy v2 to v3.

Alloy v3 is a paid upgrade. In light of all of the new content management features we've added to Alloy, and the extensive upgrades to its blogging engine, we're adjusting its pricing slightly from $79 to $89.

If you're already ...

Day Four

Today we'll be talking a bit more about blogging in Alloy v3. We're going to be touching on several topics -- our new Blog Layouts feature, the new Blog Search tool for your visitors, the Previous / Next Controls, built-in Commenting for your Posts and the ever popular Pretty URLs feature.

Since ...

Day Two

Today we're going to be looking at another huge addition to Alloy in v3, and that is our new Droplets. Alloy v3's Droplets system allows you to customize aspects of your site directly from the Alloy Editor on your site without needing to republish the project from RapidWeaver. I hear you saying to yourself right now -- "Wait I thought ...

Day One

For our first day of previews let's dive right into things with Alloy's brand new Embeds tool! While Alloy's mainstay has long been blogging, we've now incorporated an easy-to-use set of tools to allow you to embed content within your RapidWeaver projects. That embedded content can then be edited directly from your website using the same Alloy Editor ...

Day Zero

Hey there everyone! Sorry that I've been a bit quiet lately. I have been working diligently on finishing up Alloy v3, its documentation, videos, blog posts, etc to get it all ready to ship. It has been a monumental task that also included shipping a lot of under-the-hood ...

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