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In addition to the changes in Foundry to help support Alloy's new Droplet's tool, we've also added in a new stack aimed at helping you increase your productivity in Edit Mode as well as hopefully speed up your workflow.

The Quick Access stack adds an easy-to-use toolbar to the top of the Stacks' Edit Mode view. It gives us the ability to quickly ...


With the release of Foundry v2.3.0 (Atium) we've included a lot of behind the scenes updates to help support some new features that are going to be included in the next Alloy update. I've been hard at work integrating these changes in order to support Alloy's new Droplets feature. I hope to show off Droplets, as well as the rest of the ...


While I was working on the Foundry v2 update I had a Foundry site revamp going on in the back of my mind. I didn't want to totally redo the entire site, but with the addition of new stacks and features, as well as the Mason templates, I knew I'd need to rework a good portion of the site -- and that included the documentation pages.

Foundry ...


While content is indeed king, there's another area of all sites that is almost as important -- and that is your site's navigation. Without a good navigation system your visitors are never going to find all of the great content you've created.

Most navigation systems in RapidWeaver base their navigation items on the project file's Page List ...


When I was building out the stacks for the Potion Pack addon for Foundry I felt like we needed a simple, but beautiful image lightbox. While Foundry has its multi-purpose Modal stack, I thought Foundry users could use a solution that was more elegant for image only lightboxes.

Zoom allows you to setup a lightbox for an image by simply dragging ...


Navigation is the corner stone of just about any site. Every visitor will interact with the navigation in some way or another. This is one of the reasons I've built several different navigation stacks into Foundry. I wanted to ensure that there were various different styles of navigation to choose ...

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