With the release of Foundry v2.3.0 (Atium) we've included a lot of behind the scenes updates to help support some new features that are going to be included in the next Alloy update. I've been hard at work integrating these changes in order to support Alloy's new Droplets feature. I hope to show off Droplets, as well as the rest of the ...


While I was working on the Foundry v2 update I had a Foundry site revamp going on in the back of my mind. I didn't want to totally redo the entire site, but with the addition of new stacks and features, as well as the Mason templates, I knew I'd need to rework a good portion of the site -- and that included the documentation pages.

Foundry ...


For quite some time now I've wanted an online blogging solution for RapidWeaver. With the initial release of Alloy I got really close to what I wanted for such a blogging tool -- something that is easy-to-use that and is a flat-file system based around Markdown and YAML.

With the release of the free Alloy v2 update blogging with RapidWeaver ...


While working on the development of a new feature for Alloy a beta tester came across a strange quirk in the way Stacks handles page wide variables, and I'd like to go over just what this behavior is and how you might be affected.

Stacks introduced page scoped controls a while back for developers. With this added feature it meant that different ...


I've received a lot of email regarding questions about the European GDPR laws relating to my products. I'd like to touch on this and talk about some adjustments to themes I've made and how you can re-download your previous purchases.

UPDATE 5/15/2018: There seems to be a bug in RapidWeaver’s handling of one of the theme preference files in ...

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