While content is indeed king, there's another area of all sites that is almost as important -- and that is your site's navigation. Without a good navigation system your visitors are never going to find all of the great content you've created.

Most navigation systems in RapidWeaver base their navigation items on the project file's Page List ...


Taking a visitor to a predetermined section within one of your pages is a really useful way of efficiently getting relevant content to your visitors in a simple and way -- and we've made it super simple to do with the Potion Pack's Anchor stack.

Anchor links allow us to ...


Navigation is the corner stone of just about any site. Every visitor will interact with the navigation in some way or another. This is one of the reasons I've built several different navigation stacks into Foundry. I wanted to ensure that there were various different styles of navigation to choose ...


After many, many months of work, beta testing and refining, I'm really happy to finally get to introduce Potion Pack, a set of addon stacks specifically for Foundry. These new stacks help to add a touch of magic to your site designs.

While ...

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