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While content is indeed king, there's another area of all sites that is almost as important -- and that is your site's navigation. Without a good navigation system your visitors are never going to find all of the great content you've created.

Most navigation systems in RapidWeaver base their navigation items on the project file's Page List -- but the Mega Menu stack that comes with Potion Pack allows you to craft your own navigation bar from the ground up.

Mega Menu allows us to build a few different types of navigation bars for our sites, as well as to construct them how we like.

We can create a normal navigation bar with links to our various pages all on the top level. This is a pretty straight forward design and one that is quite common in web design. We add our pages manually and rearrange them to our liking.

We can take this simple navigation bar to the next level though by adding drop down menus — the second navigation type that Mega Menu supports. The drop down navigation within Mega Menu is pretty unique in that we can insert various types of content within the drop down menu. We can include normal page links, similar to those in the main, horizontal navigation bar, but we can also add drop zones as well, where we can add various other stacks.

In this video we take a look at the basics of the Mega Menu stack — both the plain navigation items and the drop down menus — as well as walk through how to use drop zones within our drop down menus:

Mega Menu doesn’t stop there though. I’ve included the ability to insert anchor style navigation items within the Mega Menu main, horizontal navigation bar. These items, when clicked, will scroll through the page, landing on an anchor point that you’ve placed using the Anchor stack, which also comes with the Potion Pack set of addons. This allows us to create beautiful, one-page site designs that are simple and easy for your visitors to use.

In this video we take a look at how to setup the anchor navigation items in Mega Menu as well as the destination points using the Anchor stack:

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