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Blacksmith for Foundry 3

Craft custom styles for your Foundry-based site using Blacksmith

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While I've worked really hard to maintain the much loved drag-and-drop ease of Foundry in this latest release, I also wanted to include features for users who wanted to customize things even further. Enter Blacksmith.

With Blacksmith you have the ability to easily create your own custom CSS styles, or interface with Foundry's underlying CSS, using nothing but Blacksmith's own point-and-click controls. No coding necessary on your part.

"Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory."

Blacksmith makes it easy to link your custom created stylings to a selector like a CSS classname, page body, buttons or other page elements. This allows you to extend the styling of existing Foundry tools beyond their built-in controls, or even use something like the Foundry Container or HTML tools to create custom items.

I've included the ability to use selectors like parent and child classes to narrow in on your target, pseudo classes to create hover effects and even work with media queries for various breakpoints and dark mode, too.

And to top it all off you can reuse your custom Blacksmith CSS styles across multiple page elements as well.

"We named the dog 'Indiana.'"

You don't need to know any code to make use of Blacksmith. I've boiled down some of the most often used, popular CSS properites and made them easily adjustable through point-and-click controls. This gives you a bit more control over styling your page elements without needing to take a course on CSS.

In fact to make applying your custom stylings to Foundry tools we've added a "Classes" field to every tool within Foundry. This allows you to easily pair your Blacksmith created CSS to the Foundry tools.

"You know how to fly, don’t you?"

I've created an in-depth documentation page for Blacksmith, as well as tutorial videos walking you through the basics of using it, which can be found on the documentation page as well. Below you can checkout the Blacksmith Basics tutorial which teaches you how to use the tool. I've also included the Blacksmith Selectors video as well to show how you might use Media Queries, Parent Classes and more. Media queries are particularly useful for things like Dark Mode.

While Blacksmith might appear to be intimidating, or only for higher-level users, it isn't. I think after watching Blacksmith's tutorials above, exploring the documentation, and experimenting with its controls, you'll find it far less scary.

"It Belongs In A Museum!"

Additionally I'd like to point out the excellent icon for Blacksmith that was designed by Gary Simpson. If you're a longtime member of the RapidWeaver community you'll recognize that name as he's the man behind DooBox who builds RapidWeaver & Stacks addons as well.

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