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Foundry 3 upgrade pricing, grace period & release date

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Today I’d like to discuss upgrade pricing, grace periods as well as the thing everyone has been waiting for — Foundry 3’s release date. This way everyone can have an expectation as to when Foundry 3 will be available as well as its cost.

Upgrade Pricing

If you’ve purchased Foundry 2 in the past you’re eligible for a discounted upgrade price for Foundry 3. This means whether you bought Foundry 2 at its full price, or upgraded from Foundry 1, you’ll be able to upgrade at a reduced price. Upgrade pricing for Foundry 3 is going to be $64.95 and, just as with the full price purchase, the upgrade includes Foundry and its 70+ tools, a set of mix-and-match templates, as well as 3 Starter Kits (which also include yet more templates as well). I've tried hard to make Foundry worth its cost, which also includes the fact that many features from the old add-on packs are included within Foundry's main set of tools as well.

Grace Period

Have you purchased Foundry 2 since December 1, 2022? If so your purchase falls within the two-month grace period. For purchases of Foundry 2 during this time period — from December 1, 2022 - February 3, 2023 — you will receive a complimentary copy of Foundry 3. I’ll be sending an email to you that will give you instructions on how to receive this free copy. The free grace period upgrades will be available from Foundry 3’s launch day through March 3, 2023.

Release Date

Foundry 3, or as beta testers have become fond of calling it, F3, will be released on February 3. Yes — Foundry 3 on February 3. F3. See, I told you that the wait would not be too long. Just a few more days left to wait!

Tomorrow we look at a new tool for Foundry called Blacksmith!

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