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With the upcoming Foundry 3 release I wanted to discuss the transition from Foundry 2 to the new Foundry 3 and what you can expect when it comes to your new and existing project files. To do so I'd like to start with a little back story.

"Are you telling me you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?"

I set out to upgrade Foundry back in July of 2021 (wow, that sounds even longer ago when written out). The goal at the time was to re-work a few things internally to support Bootstrap 5 under-the-hood. I thought I'd knock it out in a few months, then work on some new features to accompany the upgrade. At the time I didn't see the 1.5+ year re-imagining of Foundry that was ahead of me.

As I started work on these updates it quickly became obvious to me that I both needed, and wanted, to start from scratch. To rework everything about Foundry from the ground up. Not only did I want to upgrade Bootstrap, I wanted to do a host of other things to help make building sites with Foundry even more versatile — and fun. And I needed to start fresh to be able to support a lot of the new Bootstrap 5 offerings.

So, as I said, to meet this goal I had to start with a blank slate. By doing so you're getting a more modular, lightweight version of Foundry as the result. One that's far more capable than previous versions while still being extremely easy-to-use, and also offering power users an even higher degree of customization.

"Where we're going we don't need roads!"

This re-engineering of Foundry from square-one though does come at a slight cost. It means that sites previously created with Foundry 2 won't be directly upgradeable to Foundry 3. Far too much has changed in both Bootstrap and Foundry for me to accommodate directly importing our old Foundry 2 projects into Foundry 3.

Had I done so it would have cost us a lot as I'd have ended up incorporating a lot of extra code into the Foundry code base just to accommodate bridging the two versions of Bootstrap. I would also not have had the latitude to add more breakpoints, deeper color palette integrations, and all of the other great new features in this update. Much less make Foundry faster and more lightweight than its predecessor.

And as a sideeffect we get a lot of new goodies like Blacksmith, Palette Laboratory and more, that you'll learn about in the near future.

"There’s that word again, ‘heavy.’ Why are things so heavy in the future?"

I know it is a big thing to ask people to start fresh with their site design in order to make use of Foundry 3's new structure and feature sets — so I've specifically built Foundry 3 to coexist side-by-side with previous versions of Foundry in your Stacks library. This means you can maintain your current sites with Foundry 2 while building new sites with Foundry 3. This also gives you the ability to upgrade older Foundry 2 sites with new, more modern designs at your leisure.

"Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here?"

"But what about Alloy?" I hear you asking. With Alloy being based around Foundry's underlying code there were a couple of tweaks that were needed to make Alloy and Foundry 3 "talk" to one another.

These tweaks all deal with styling differences in the new version of Bootstrap that Foundry 3 is using. I've created a small "shim" tool for Alloy users that can be included on your Blog and Editor pages to add these styling translations for Alloy and Foundry 3. I'll be releasing a free update for Alloy that will include the F3 Shim tool before the Foundry 3 launch.

"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***."

I hope you'll find Foundry 3 a pleasure to use when building your latest and greatest new site! I've been enjoying the heck out of its modularity and versatility over the last 1.5+ years as I've been developing, testing and using it to build my own Foundry 3 site. I couldn't be more excited to share all of that hard work with you all.

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