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Foundry v2.3.0 includes support for upcoming Alloy update

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With the release of Foundry v2.3.0 (Atium) we've included a lot of behind the scenes updates to help support some new features that are going to be included in the next Alloy update. I've been hard at work integrating these changes in order to support Alloy's new Droplets feature. I hope to show off Droplets, as well as the rest of the Alloy update, to everyone soon.

Before Alloy's update ships you'll want to make sure you've updated to Foundry v2.3.0 in order to make the most of Alloy's new features, so be sure to update Foundry ASAP!

Here's a quick walk-thru on how to update Foundry:

In addition to these changes that will allow Foundry to support Droplets, we've also added the new Quick Access toolbar stack to Foundry. I've written up a short post about it, as well as included a tutorial walk-thru video as well, which you can watch in that post.

For a full look at all of the changes in Foundry v2.3.0, be sure to check out the Foundry Release Notes.

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