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Speed up your workflow in Stacks with Quick Access

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In addition to the changes in Foundry to help support Alloy's new Droplet's tool, we've also added in a new stack aimed at helping you increase your productivity in Edit Mode as well as hopefully speed up your workflow.

The Quick Access stack adds an easy-to-use toolbar to the top of the Stacks' Edit Mode view. It gives us the ability to quickly add and insert often used stacks right into our layout.

The toolbar begins pre-populated with some of Foundry's most often used stacks, but you can easily customize it to contain the stack you find yourself frequently using as well.

In addition it can be used as a way to grab a stack from the pre-populated drop down list without ever needing to search through your stacks library.

The Quick Access stack isn't just limited to Foundry-based stacks. You can manually add in just about any stack you like to the toolbar to help improve your workflow.

Here's a quick video walk-thru where we show how easy it is to both use and customize the Foundry Quick Access stack:

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