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I'd like to introduce you to 3 new, very special Stacks addons for RapidWeaver. These new stacks are pro level tools that are absolutely teeming with functionality and packed with features that will take your site design possibilities to the next level.

I'm introducing 2 brand new stacks and an overhauled older stack that is rebuilt from the ground up. Let's dive in and take a brief look at these new stacks. I'll also provide some links to their product pages where you can learn more about these tools, as well as watch some videos about them before your purchase.


Build legendary photo layouts and gorgeous lightbox galleries

Presenting your photos to the world, in a beautiful, organizes way, has never been easier. The new Shutter stack provides you the ability to create unique thumbnail arrangements for your image galleries, in layouts that even professional photographs will envy. Additionally you can also create grouped photo galleries that launch inside a gorgeous lightbox which expands to show off your beautiful imagery.

I think this pro-level gallery stack will be useful for displaying photography, artwork and much more to your site's visitors.

Learn More About Shutter


Create powerful, grid-base layouts in RapidWeaver like never before

If you've ever thought that you could use a bit more control over the layout of the content on your page, then look no further. Flux provides you a powerful platform to build both simple and complex, grid-based designs. It uses CSS Grid technologies that allow you to build robust, versatile layouts with fine tuned control. Flux allows for interlocking layouts and overlapping content that is just not achievable with normal columns stacks.

Flux comes with lots of sample project files, as well as 2 full-page examples, that are built as Foundry-based project files. The samples are all free and come included with your purchase.

Flux is a tool that really benefits from having strong tutorial videos to follow along with. Because of that we've created several in-depth tutorials to help you wrap you head around how to make the most out of Flux.

Learn More About Flux


The ultimate tool for creating feature-rich, versatile sliders in Stacks

Photo carousels, page banners, client testimonials, photography, video embeds and much more! No matter your use, Orbit will provide you with a huge array of settings and controls to help in perfecting your site's slideshows.

This new version of our classic Orbit slider stack is re-written from the ground up. It leverages more up to date technologies, which provide you a lot more versatility and creativity.

Learn More About Orbit

New Elixir site and more

In addition to these new stacks I've also launched an all-new Elixir site. The main site, which was well overdue for an update, features gorgeous new product pages and an in-depth support hub. This will provide you a goto location to get support for all of our themes and stacks add-ons, as well as provide you easy access to the Foundry and Alloy support pages. This new site is built using Foundry and several of our other Stacks-based add-ons.

Visit the new Elixir site

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