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I've received a lot of email regarding questions about the European GDPR laws relating to my products. I'd like to touch on this and talk about some adjustments to themes I've made and how you can re-download your previous purchases.

UPDATE 5/15/2018: There seems to be a bug in RapidWeaver’s handling of one of the theme preference files in relation to the banner features that were introduced in RapidWeaver v7. When I originally made the updates to these themes I added in this preference in to make sure it existed for future updates. Unfortunately this lead to users who had updated their theme(s) to getting an “Exception while exporting site” error in relation to this banner feature. I’ve gone through and re-updated all of the themes below to prevent this problem. If you downloaded any theme updates for the listed theme below before May 5, 2018 you will need to re-download and re-install those themes now. I apologize for the problem. I could not have foreseen this problem as it seems to be a bug within the application’s handling of this setting itself.

NOTE: After completing the installation of any and all theme updates it is probably a good idea to restart RapidWeaver.

Let me start by saying up from that I am no lawyer, so I won’t get into what the GDPR laws mean for E.U. users. I would recommend that if you’re a European user that is worried about the GDPR laws and what they mean for you as a web developer that you should definitely consult with a lawyer.

With that out of the way I want to say that I’ve made some changes to themes to help E.U. users rest a little easier. While I think some of the steps I’ve taken are overboard and go further than what is needed in some cases I have done them to help lift a weight off of some users minds.

The GDPR laws focus on keeping users’ personal data private. Many have interpreted that this means services like Google Fonts, or CDNs which host code libraries like jQuery or FontAwesome can’t be used as they transmit the user’s IP address to said services. While this may, or may not be the case, in an effort to make sure it is not a worry for users I have internalized the code libraries and fonts for the themes I sell in the Elixir store. This means there will be no outside calls to these libraries or font collections.

Getting Updates

I began sending out updates and got only a few themes into doing so before I started getting emails from users asking that I not email them regarding these updates. I can partially understand this, as it will be a lot of updates. I also received a lot of bounced emails indicating users who no longer have or use the email addresses they once used to purchase their products from me. And on top of all of that, many users may not even live in the European Union so they may not need to update as they’re not directly affected by these E.U. laws.

So in an effort to help keep everyone happy I’m going to link to the Order Lookup form provided by Cartloom so that users can lookup their past orders and receive the download links for them at their own leisure. I’m also going to provide a list of all of the themes that have been updated below so you can determine whether or not a theme you’re using has been updated or not.

These are the general updates notes for all of the updated themes:

Localizes all libraries: Libraries such as jQuery, FontAwesome, etc are all contained within the theme instead of being loaded from an outside CDN. Localizes all fonts: Any fonts that were previously being loaded via Google Fonts are now contained within the theme internally instead. Updater: Adds in RapidWeaver in-app updater components. This should allow us to do in-app updates for these themes in the future for anyone who updates to these most current versions of these themes. Here is the link to our Order Lookup form provided by Cartloom:

Order Lookup

You can also find the same link in the footer of the Elixir site, below, labeled “Re-download purchases.”

What themes have been updated?

Below is a list of all of the themes that I’ve gone through and manually updated to internalize these code libraries and fonts. You can use the order lookup form above to retrieve the latest version of your themes:

Abstract Atmosphere Atom Bamboo Cafe Cake Candy Create Crisp Droplet Feather Geometric Hive Iconic Lightning Lunar Majestic Mint Navigator Prism Ruby Rustic Slate Tesla Pro Tinker Tonic Voyager Pro You may notice that this is not a full list of every theme I’ve ever built. Any theme that is not on this list has been retired for quite a few years already and has not been sold in the Elixir store for some time now. The retired themes are 99% non-responsive themes as well. These unlisted themes will likely not be receiving this particular update since they’ve been retired for so long now.

What about Foundry?

Foundry is already compliant and ready to go. Since most of its libraries are loaded via Stacks or already included locally within the theme or stacks themselves, there is no need for this particular set of updates. Stacks allows you through its own preferences to choose whether you wish to load your instances of jQuery, FontAwesome, etc through a CDN or locally, so you have control over that yourself.

As for fonts — Foundry’s Typeface stack, which allows you to load Google and Typekit fonts for use in your projects still loads these fonts from a CDN. This is inevitable as I cannot include every font they provide access to within Foundry itself. That being said though I am working on a free update to the Typeface stack for Foundry which will hopefully make loading your own fonts, or those you download from Google Fonts, locally if you like. For now, until said update to Typeface occurs, you can opt to now load fonts from Google Fonts or Typekit if doing so worries you.

I also have some minor tweaks to other stacks in Foundry that will help you be more compliant, but as it is currently, Foundry’s codebase itself can all be loaded locally.

Again, if you need to lookup and re-download your purchases, you can do so here at any time. All of the above themes have been updating in the system to reflect the latest versions.

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