• Style the breradcrumb trail
  • Use rounded or squared off corners

Note: Remember that the breadcrumb trail must be enabled in your site setup in RapidWeaver in order to function. If not enabled the Breadcrumb stack will not display.


Using Breadcrumb

When using the Breadcrumb stack you must make sure to remember to enable the Breadcrumb trail in the RapidWeaver settings. This is found in the advanced section of the site setup.


Remove Base Margin
Allows you to disable the preset standard spacing that is applied to the bottom of the Blockquote stack.


Choose to use the Control Center default colors or customize the breadcrumb using color pickers for the background, text and dividers.

Rounded Corners
Use the Foundry default rounded corner settings or customize them to your liking. You can customize them individually or as a whole.


Disable Link
Allows you to choose to disable specific links within the breadcrumb trail.

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