• Style buttons using presets or custom colors
  • Use an outline style button with presets
  • Set button alignment
  • Create full-width block buttons
  • Add Tooltips*
  • Set your button links just like you would any other link in RapidWeaver

*Note: You must enable Tooltips in the Theme variations for the Foundry theme to use Tooltips on a page.


Using Button


Button Text
Insert your custom text that will appear on your button.


Provide a link to a URL, whether it be an internal page or an external link. You can also set the following tags in the RapidWeaver link dialog:

  • Class
  • ID
  • Rel
  • Target


Allows you to set the justification of the Button itself. You can set the alignment to Left, Center or Right.

Button Size
Choose the size of your button. You can opt of a Small, Standard or Large button size.

Button Style
Set the color of the Button to match your site using one of Foundry’s color swatch presets or make use of custom color pickers. You can also opt for a gradient background which will allow you to use a series of custom color pickers to design your own gradient.

Block Button
Enable to make the Button span the entire width of its parent stack. The button’s width is flexible when enabled and will size down to fit the available space.

When using one of the color swatch presets you can use the Outline feature to inverse the button’s style.


Add a popup tooltip to your Button. You can then set the tooltip text and its location, which can be set to either bottom, top, left or right.

  • Please Note: For Tooltips to work you must enable Tooltips in the Theme Vairations within the Foundry theme's settings!
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