• Insert a comments thread on your page anywhere you like
  • Easy setup using just your Disqus short-name
  • Use auto generated ID via your page's title or provide your own custom thread ID

NOTE: You may only use one Disqus stack per page due to the way the Disqus service works.


Below we’ve added an example discussion thread using the Disqus commenting service. Disqus is easy to setup and use and is the industry standard for commenting on the web.

Using Disqus


Short Name
Use the short name that the Disqus commenting service provides you here. This is what allows the stack to link up with the service to provide commenting. This Short Name is provided by the Disqus service itself. It can be found within your Disqus admin panel.

Use Custom Identifier
Disqus uses this identifier to set make each comments thread unique, for various reasons. By default the stack uses the page’s title, as setup within RapidWeaver’s Page Inspector. If you opt to enable the Use Custom Identifier option you can set this identifier to whatever you like.

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