• Include a Featured Image at top of gallery
  • Responive layout
  • Change number of thumbnails per row based on breakpoints
  • Adjust max size of thumbnails
  • Includes lightbox overlay
  • Set animation style for lightbox
  • Customize lightbox overlay color
  • Add captions in lightbox for each image
  • Pre-load lightbox images


Using Gallery

Featured Image

Featured Image
Choose to place a large image at the top of your Gallery stack to entice your visitors to look further at your Gallery content. Drag-and-drop your image into the drop zone and the Gallery stack places it at the top of your Gallery and makes it responsive and the full width of the container it is within.

Featured Caption
Add a caption to your featured image to tell a bit more about it. Featured caption is placed directly below the featured image.

Featured Alt. Tag
Provides you a way to add an Alt. Tag to your Featured image. The alt tag is used in HTML to specify alternative text that is rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be displayed. It is also used by "screen reader" software so that a person who is listening to the content of a webpage (for instance, a person who is blind) can interact with this element.

Gallery Images

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
Define how many images will be displayed horizontally in each row of your Gallery. You can choose a different number of images at each of the 3 breakpoints.


Image Animation
When your visitor triggers the lightbox by clicking on one of your gallery’s images, each image will be viewable in the lightbox by the user through the visitor scrolling through them forwards and backwards. You can choose between a sliding or fading animation that is applied to your images as they do so.

Use the RapidWeaver color picker to define an overlay color that is placed on top of your site when the lightbox is triggered. You can use the opacity slider in the color picker to create a beautiful translucent overlay as well.

Full Screen Lightbox
Allows you to set the lightbox to for your gallery to open up full screen. This mode is not available when previewing your page within RapidWeaver. To see it in action you must publish your page, or preview the page in an External Browser.


Images to Preload
Choose the number of images to have the lightbox preload when the user clicks on one of your images in the gallery. The default 2 images is a good number as it allows a couple to be preloaded by should not slow things down.

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