• Group page elements together
  • Set custom color for the group's border
  • Take notes on grouped items, which are only seen in Edit Mode
  • Collapse content in Edit Mode to ease page editing
  • Set a custom icon for your group that will display when the Edit Mode content is collapsed.


Since the Group stack is used only in Edit Mode there is no example available to be seen in the live preview here.

Using Group

Group Color

Outline Color
Provides a color picker that allows you to adjust the border of the Group stack to any color you like to make it easily identifiable as well as allows you to color code specific groups.

Background Color
Allows you to choose a background color for your Group stack in order to categorize and make the stack easily identifiable in Edit Mode.

Group Name

Custom Group Name
When enabled, the feature allows you to add a customized name to the top of the Group stack for easy identification and organization.


Show Notes
The feature lets to keep notes on the grouped items in Edit Mode for future reference.


Collapse Content in Edit Mode
Hides your group's content to reduce the amount of space that it takes up within Edit Mode. When enabled the content will be replaced by an icon of your choosing.

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