A straight-forward, easy way to add your own custom code to your page. Embed custom HTML, PHP and more.


Since the HTML tool is meant to embed your own, custom page code, we've not provided an example here.

Number 5 stupid name... want to be Kevin or Dave!

Want to take your customization further? Have some code of your own you'd like to add to your page? The HTML tool is great for this.


Edit Mode

Edit Mode Title

Allows you to add a custom label to the top title bar of the tool. This lets you quickly identify what purpose you're using that tool for in your layout. This title is also visible when you've collapsed or hidden the contents of the tool in Edit Mode.

Render HTML in Edit Mode

Enabling this feature simply will render the contents of your HTML tool in Edit Mode when you're not editing the code. HTML and CSS are rendered in Edit Mode but Javascript and PHP are not, wether this option is on or off.

This feature is on by default.


This field is here solely for you to take notes about your code for yourself. These notes will not be published or seen in Preview Mode.

HTML Comment

HTML Comment

Enabling this feature adds an HTML comment to the exported code to indicate the name of the tool being used here. This is helpful to both yourself and others when troubleshooting, or inspecting the code. This is enabled by default.


This field allows you to replace the default HTML Comment with your own text.



Allows you to specify an options class, or classes, that will be added to this tool's wrapper. You can use this to apply custom styling from the Blacksmith tool, or add a Bootstrap v5 preset class to your item. If you're applying more than one class be sure that you separate each class name with a space. Do not use special characters.