• Vertical or horizontal lists
  • Set list alignment
  • Add icons to individual list items
  • Set overall link colors
  • Set link color on individual list items
  • Add plain text descriptions to individual Linked List items


We’ve included a both horizontal and vertical lists below. Some examples incorporate icons and customize the coloring of the links with the built-in color pickers. We’ve used the Linked List stack on our Documentation pages to create nice vertical links to each of the different Foundry stacks as well.

Using Linked List


Allows you to set your linked list to be vertical or horizontal.


Allows you to set the justification of your Linked List links. You can set the alignment to Left, Center or Right.


Custom Link Color
The Linked List stack uses the Control Center’s link color for its links. You can override this for your list by using the Custom Link Color feature.

Linked List Item (Child Stack)

Customize each Linked List item with its own label.

Set a link to an internal page or an external site. This is done for each Linked List item individually.

Display as Disabled
Lets you grey out an item in the list and make that item unclickable.

Customize the look of individual Linked List items by choosing a Foundry preset color swatch or defining a custom color for a particular item’s color.

Add Description
Allows you to add a plain text description to individual linked list items.

Add an icon to individual Linked List items. Choose from over 300 different icons.

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