• Give visitors a visual cue as to how far they've scrolled down your page.
  • Adjust offset from top or bottom of browser at each breakpoint.
  • Match the scroll indicator to fit in with your other content.


At the bottom...
The Scroll Location stack is affixed to the bottom of this page... as you scroll down the page you’ll see it grow.

Using Scroll Location

Indicator Bar

Allows you to change the height of the scroll location indicator bar in order to adjust its visibility to the visitor.

The Scroll Location stack will be affixed to the top or bottom of the browser so that the visitor can always see it. With this setting you can choose whether you’d like it to be placed at the top or bottom of the browser window.

Allows you to adjust the offset of the scroll location, pushing it out from either the top or bottom of browser a set distance. This can be adjust at each of the three breakpoints.

Allows you to choose whether to use a solid color or gradient for your scroll location indicator bar. Depending on your choice you will be presented with the appropriate color pickers for styling your indicator.

Bar Container Color
Allows you to adjust the background color of the container in which the indicator resides.

Bar Container Inset Shadow
Enabling this feature will add an inset shadow to your bar container making the stack appear to be inset on your page.

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