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Buy your copy of Foundry 3 and start building full-featured, responsive websites, with drag-and-drop ease today – no coding needed.

What you get with your purchase

Your purchase includes over 70 different modular tools, including Blacksmith. You will also receive 3 free Starter Kit project files, which also include a wide variety of modular, mix-and-match templates and alternate color palettes.


Requires one of the following:

  • RapidWeaver 8 or Classic, and the Stacks v4+ plugin (Stack v5 recommended)


Jumpstart Your Design

These pre-built Starter Kit projects give you a jumping on point for your next site design. They also provide a selection of interchangeable templates that can be mixed and matched in the Starter Kit or with your other projects.


Out of this world. A clean, multi-purpose Starter Kit for your next site.


Clean & structured. An easy-to-navigate, multi-purpose DOCs portal.



Connect with your audience. Premium set of 14 one-page Starter Kits for building gorgeous LinkTree-like pages. Yggdrasil will help your social media followers find your products, services and more.

Requires Foundry v3.2023.08.10 or newer

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Modern and modular, with bold color palettes and an overall dark vibe.


Classic design with some modern elements. Includes large number of templates.


Clean and classy layout using shades of gray. Allows your content to stand out.

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Blogging & Beyond

Build better blogs and manage your content, quickly and easily using the Alloy addon for Foundry

Alloy is our flat-file content system for Foundry that allows you to create beautiful, easy-to-use blogs, as well as embeddable content and data droplets all without needing a database or coding skills.

Requires one of the following:

  • RapidWeaver 8 or Classic, and the Stacks v4+ plugin.

Also requires:

  • Foundry v2 or v3
  • PHP v7.4+



We're proud to promote an amazing series of professionally designed, pre-made Starter Kit project files by the fine folks over at egoMade. They have Starter Kits for Foundry 3 and Legacy Foundry 2 as well.

RapidWeaver Classroom

Known for their amazing instructional videos, RapidWeaver Classroom is now also crafting stellar Starter Kits for Foundry.

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Connect with Other Foundry Users

Get the help that you need. The Elixir Community forum is a great place to connect with other Foundry user. Share tips and tricks, look for help using Foundry's many tools, or seek the sage advice of other users when building your sites.

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