Foundry includes over 60 stacks, as well as the base RapidWeaver theme. This gives you not only the essentials to get you started but also fun and unique stacks to really give your sites personality!

  • Requires: RapidWeaver v6.0+ and Stacks v3.1+

Potion Pack


Potion Pack is an addon library of stacks for Foundry. This set of modular stacks will help to take your site building up a notch. The included stacks are of an intermediate to advanced level.

  • Requires: Foundry suite of stacks, RapidWeaver v6.0+ and Stacks v3.1+

Pre-built Project Files

egoMade Projects

We're proud to promote an amazing series of pre-made project files by the fine folks over at egoMade. They produced a wide variety of project files for Foundry that help you quickly build sites and can give you a leg up if you're short on time. Each project file uses just the stacks included in Foundry.

Elixr Projects

We offer our own pre-made project files to as well get you started with your site. Below you can purchase some of our additional project files, or download a free one to try out.

  • Note: Pre-built Projects are designed in, and require RapidWeaver v7 or later.


A subtle, clean site design, with nice white space and a simple layout. Uses the Icon Bar stack for site navigation.


A sleek design with gorgeous gradients and translucent overlays to help your content really come to life.


A restaurant styled project with flair! We use unique, custom column layouts, a gorgeous gallery and more in this design.


A sleek design that utilizes a slider in the upper section of the page, along with full-width containers, and unique layouts.

NOTE: Pre-built project files require the Foundry theme and Foundry suite of stacks.

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