Here we have an example of the Sections stack for Foundry, which comes in the Potion Pack suite. Sections allows you to create full-screen, scrolling pages, making the task of building stunning one-page sites a cakewalk.


Customize Each Section

Use the Sections settings to customize section background. Choose a solid color, or one of the Foundry color swatches, or use a nice gradient or image for your background. Then insert and style your content to match! Here we’ve used the color pickers to get a beautiful gradient.


Slides within Sections

Sections allows you to insert a set of slides in place of a section in order to create horizontal scrolling areas within the stack. This gives you a lot of additional flexibility when building your one-page, Sections-based pages.


Unique Scrolling Sites

Sections is really simple to use and easy to configure. You’ll have beautiful full-page sections and slides scrolling past your visitor’s eyes in no time at all.


Customize Your Content

Be sure to use Foundry tools like the Margins, Container and Visibility stacks, to make sure each slide displays well at each of the three responsive breakpoints.

Much More

Enhancing Your Sites

These are but a few of the many stacks in the Potion Pack addon suite of stacks for Foundry. Be sure to checkout the main Potion Pack page as well as each of those stacks’ individual documentation pages to learn more about what they do as well as see live examples of the stacks in action.


Potion Pack requires the Foundry suite of stacks and is not included in the base set of stacks you receive when purchasing Foundry. In addition Potion Pack requires RapidWeaver v6.0+ and Stacks v3.1+