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Build gorgeous, premium social media LinkTree like pages, without paying an added subscription fee.

Requires Foundry v3.2023.08.10 or newer

Help your social media followers find your products, services and more

Collecting links to your online presence all in one location is a tried-and-true approach to building a great online identity for your business.

Most social media sites allow you just one link in your bio. To get around this the Yggdrasil Starter Kits allow you to build out a gorgeous LinkTree-like landing page that can help funnel your visitors to all of your other sites.

Pages like these are also great for linking to from a business card or putting on flyers and brochures. And best of all, since these Starter Kits allow you to publish your own page to the web you have the freedom of using your own personal URLs as well as not paying a reoccurring subscription fee to sites like LikeTree.

Quick Look

Below is a quick look at the 14 different Starter Kits that are included in the Yggdrasil pack. We have a screenshot for each, as well as a live example page to give you an idea of how each of these Starter Kits look and function. All are easily customizable, from the included graphics and text, to the buttons and links, too.

What do you get when you purchase Yggdrasil?

The Yggdrasil set of Starter Kits comes with 14 premium, one-page designs, crafted using Foundry 3. You'll also receive a folder containing all of the graphics used within these Starter Kits for you to use as you like.

While these Starter Kits are designed with building LinkTree-like pages in mind, you can easily copy and paste components from within these designs to other project files as well to use them how you like. We encourage you to mix and match pieces from various Yggdrasil Starter Kits, or even other non-Yggdrasil kits, to create your own custom looks and designs within Foundry.

What the heck is a Yggdrasil?

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is an enormous ash tree that connects all of the nine worlds, including the underworld (Niflheim), Earth (Midgard), and the realm of the gods (Asgard). We felt it a fitting name for this pack of Starter Kits that will help you and you social media followers and site visitors to connect with one another.

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